Coronavirus: 5 ‘tech mistakes’ you should avoid while work from home

Coronavirus: 5 ‘tech mistakes’ you should avoid while work from home

In this coronavirus outbreak, people are working from their homes. There are some huge chances that you might make some mistakes in your work during this quarantine situation. Here are 10 tech mistakes you should avoid while work from home in LockDown situation

Don’t reveal on social media that you are working from home

It is obvious that while working from home you might use your social media for quite some time. But be careful, to not reveal or say anything about your work while any casual chatting or commenting on social media. Do not discuss or post about your work, these may not be appreciated.

Do not use your personal web browser for your work

You probably use Google Chrome for your personal web-browser where you have logged in to all of your social accounts. By using that browser as your working browser might cause some trouble. There are plenty of trackers tracked your social behavior. You or your company do not want to give all the metadata of your work to those tracking companies, right? So, as a solution, you can use other privacy-focused browsers like Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser, or Firefox browser.

Do not use any random free VPN service to work

In this coronavirus lockdown situation, more and more people are working from home. This is an ideal situation for any online tracking related company or a bad VPN provider. A vpnpro study shows when you use a bad free VPN that might track you more than any website. Then those collected details are sold to any analytic farm for data mining or for any bad intentions. If you need to use a VPN for anonymity then consider using a good, trusted, paid VPN provider. like, Nord VPN, Express VPN, Proton VPN.

Do not use your personal social media account in your working browser

In case you might handle your company’s social media account, then you might accidentally like or comment on some post that you shouldn’t do as a company’s account. And that may lead you to a problem, or that may hard your company’s reputation.

Do Not share your office laptop with your family

This is most important that please do not share your work laptop with your kids or spouse to do any stuff on your system. Provide them any other internet device.


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