Facebook and Twitter are cleaning their platform by removing fake pages and accounts ahead of Bangladesh election

Facebook and Twitter are cleaning their platform by removing fake pages and accounts ahead of Bangladesh election

Bangladesh’s election for this time is very much important for Sheikh Hasina seeking to win a third term. Facebook and Twitter said they had removed many fake news pages and money owned accounts that were working to spread misinformation in Bangladesh. Both companies found that the suspended accounts were connected to the ruling government. These companies don’t want to face any trouble as they faced in several other countries before. That is why they are cleaning junks on their platform ahead of the Bangladesh election.

Facebook is one of the most used social sites in Bangladesh, with more than 30 million users. Facebook declared that it removed nine pages and six accounts for participating in coordinated imitative behavior, and aforementioned that the misinformation campaign is joined to the Bangladesh government. As the campaigns are misinformative, the accounts and pages “were designed to look like independent news organizations and posted the content which was pro-government and anti-opposition,” Facebook’s head of cybersecurity, Nathaniel Gleicher noted.

“This kind of behavior is not allowed on Facebook under our misrepresentation policy because we don’t want people or organizations creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they are, or what they’re doing,” Nathaniel Gleicher said that a statement which is Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy.

  • Facebook removed 9 pages and 6 accounts.
  • One of the Facebook pages had at least 11,900 followers.
  • These pages spent over $800 on ads. They started running ads in July 2017 and the last a month ago in November 2018.

Facebook aforesaid that it had been tipped off regarding the posts by threat intelligence firm Graphika when it launched an investigation. The corporate has reported its findings to Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics research laboratory.

Fake News ahead of bangladesh election
Credit: Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are cleaning their platform by removing fake pages and accounts ahead of Bangladesh election 1
Credit: Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are cleaning their platform by removing fake pages and accounts ahead of Bangladesh election 2
Credit: Facebook

One Facebook fake account ‘bdsnews24’ displayed as news web site bdnews24.com that noted in its own report that the webpage of ‘bdsnews24’ gave the impression to be like its own, with an additional letter within the address and also the logo.

On the other hand, Twitter suspended fifteen accounts originating from Bangladesh for participating in coordinated manipulation of the platform. Most of those accounts had very small followers, fewer than fifty followers. Its initial analysis shows that a number of these accounts might have ties to state-sponsored actors. Twitter said it’ll release additional info once its investigations are complete.

Facebook and some other tech giants are under pressure to extend efforts to get rid of misleading or illegitimate content and guarantee fake news isn’t uploaded and disseminated. Though Facebook has stepped up fact-checking, it still faces criticism that it’s too slow to shut fake accounts.

Bangladesh’s elite security force Rapid Action Battalion spokesperson Mufti Mahmud Khan has been tasked by the govt with online observation content within the run-up to December thirty polls, didn’t pass any comment on the Facebook statement.

He aforementioned his team had arrested thirty individuals in recent weeks, some coupled to the opposition, who posted “anti-government propaganda” by creating clones of well-liked news websites.

Facebook took action in this matter because the oppositions are accusing the ruling party the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League is attacking opposition party candidates seeking to win a third term in power.

In December 2019, 14 of the opposition party candidates had been arrested, and 1500 workers had been attacked by the ruling party workers, said the opposition National Unity Front alliance.

The Awami League has denied the allegations and accused the opposition of attempting to disrupt a peaceful election surrounding. Hasina aforementioned, her party would not use “unfair means” to win.

Under Hasina’s decade-long rule, many individuals are have been arrested for posting criticism on Facebook against the government, including a prominent photographer released last month after over a hundred days in jail.

Her government has taken steps to boost Bangladesh’s digital infrastructure, including creating the internet more cost-effective; however, it’s kept tight control on the internet.

In August 2019, a mass protest by students, during that time, the police’s cybercrime unit aforementioned it had scoured Facebook posts to restrict what is referred to as “fake news” being spread to provoke protests.

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