LiFi Technology | Is it Better than Wifi?
LiFi Technology Is it Better than Wifi

LiFi Technology | Is it Better than Wifi?

Peoples are now claiming that LiFi Technology is the future of WiFi, and it is going to take over WiFi Technology, which we are using for decades. Let us unveil the truth behind LiFi technology and its use cases and also how it is going to takeover WiFi.

LiFi technology is a wireless communication system that can use for data transmission between two or multiple devices in the form of light. One device release data in the form of light and another one receives data through photoreceptors.

What is LiFi Technology?

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a wireless optical networking and communication technology that utilizes LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to transmit data from one device to another. LiFi term first coined in TED Talk Global 2011 by Harald Haas at Edinburgh, where he demonstrated how data is sending from LEDs in forms of light and receiving by photoreceptors. And the speed of data transmission is assuming faster than WiFi.

How WiFi Works?

WiFi is a bidirectional wireless network system. Here radio frequency is transmitting from one device to another device for data transmission. The basic range for WiFi radio frequency is about 2.4 gigahertz to 5 gigahertz. In this system, one device sending data and receiving data simultaneously through the sender and receiver. The maximum speed of WiFi is 300 Mbps theoretically, where practically they have lots of resistance to achieve the speed.

How LiFi Works?

LiFi is a bidirectional wireless network system, where both devices should have fluorescent bulbs or LEDs to process signals through light. And photodiodes/photoreceptors can receive the signal coming towards a form of light. Multiple lights are on and off numerous times in a second to create a different intensity in light that catches on photodiode as data sending from a device. The light could be visible or nonvisible; it depends on the technology are using. The maximum speed of WiFi is 300 Mbps theoretically, where practically they have lots of resistance to achieve the speed similar to WiFi.

LiFi Technology | Is it Better than Wifi? 1
LiFi Technology

Difference Between LiFi and WiFi

There have lots of things to compare between LiFi and WiFi, but we will focus on the main important points.


LiFi uses light for data transmission, so it doesn’t have interference issues similar to radio frequency waves.

It works in a dense area, even able to pass through seawater.

The frequency spectrum is about 10 thousand times.

The coverage distance for LiFi is about 10 meters.


WiFi has interference issues on data transmission from nearby other radio frequencies.

It doesn’t work in a dense area and not able to pass through seawater.

Frequency is between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.

The coverage distance for WiFi is about 32 meters.

LiFi Technology Use Cases

LiFi technology has broad use cases than WiFi along with internet browsing it uses in airlines, undersea explorations, operation theaters in hospitals, and many more ways. Internet browsing is limited in small places in between 10 meters, like home and office.

Is LiFi Better than WiFi?

After spectating all aspects of LiFi and WiFi, LiFi seems a massive advancement in wireless technology. It increases the data communication speed, removes the interference issues that occur in WiFi, and also opened new use cases to make work easier. So without any doubt, LiFi is better than WiFi, and it makes a difference in the wireless industry.

Now you might think I forget about the coverage distance, the range of LiFi. Yeah, the range is smaller than WiFi, but by comparing it with all other factors, it is not crucial to compromise. Now we are using one color LED to send and receive data, but it has the potential to work with multicolor RGB lights to use in LiFi, and it would be a massive upgrade.

PureLiFi is an existing LiFi Technology used in 5G technology and would use it in future wireless uses also.

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