Neonode AirBar – Make Your Laptop Touchscreen
Neonode AirBar - Make Your Laptop Touchscreen

Neonode AirBar – Make Your Laptop Touchscreen

Have you purchased more than $1,000 laptop and not have a touchscreen, although most of today’s Windows laptops are comes with touch screens. But MAC OS doesn’t support touchscreens at all. Here is good news for you, it doesn’t matter you are using a Windows laptop or MAC book you can convert the screen of your existing laptop into a touchscreen. And it just cost 60 bucks.

What is Neonode AirBar?

Neonode AirBar is a computer accessory, a USB device that attaches to the bottom of a laptop screen in the bottom bezel with magnets and plugs in with standard USB port to connect with the laptop. Once you have plugged in the peripheral into a USB port, you are ready to use your laptop display as a touchscreen.

How does AirBar Works?

After connecting the device with the laptop through a USB port, it covers the screen with invisible light; in other words, a hidden light field covers the display. Neonode named the technology “zForce AIR technology“. When a finger, stick, pen or anything touches the screen interrupt the path of light. And where it breaks consider as the touchpoint by sending a signal to the laptop.

Neonode AirBar Price and Size

Neonode AirBar is first to launch for Windows laptops, and later it comes out with modifications for MAC also. The device comes in 3 different sizes to fit with the maximum sizes of screens. The sizes are 13.3″, 14″ and 15.6″ and all of them are at the same price. The price of AirBar is $59.99 onwards.

How to Assemble Neonode AirBar?

Assembling AirBar is as simple as connecting your smartphone with charger, place the device in the bottom of the laptop screen in the bezel, and its magnet will attach the device with the laptop. Make sure that AirBar’s left and right side’s marked lines are aligned with the laptop’s left, and right side’s screen ends. Then connect the USB to the laptop’s USB port, and you have done. But in the case of MAC books, you have to download an application for multitouch support provided by Neonode.

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