Samsung latest Inventions at CES 2020
Samsung latest Inventions at CES 2020

Samsung latest Inventions at CES 2020

Samsung in-house incubation program launched in December 2012, and it is named C-Lab (Creative Lab). The program is about working on exciting inventions and projects by forming teams of the company’s employees while forcing startups to grow as well. From then on, the company was regularly showing off amazing C-Lab projects/inventions at CES. At CES 2020 from C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Outside (That is four startups) is going to reveal new five projects plans. One project from these is named SelfieType that uses a virtual keyboard function to allow smartphone users to type virtually by using their mobile’s selfie camera.

Samsung SelfieType

SelfieType is one of those innovative C-Lab Inside Samsung’s projects. The software system does not require any external or internal hardware to do the task. Samsung claims it is going to use the front camera of a smartphone to recognize finger movements instead of using motion sensors. But any holographic projection is not mentioned that how the user is going to type virtually. The system can works on tablets, smartphones, and laptops also.

Samsung SunnySide

SunnySide is another one of those C-Lab Inside Samsung’s projects going to show off at CES 2020. It seems like a small artificial sun is a lighting device. It is helpful in the areas where the sun is hardly being watched. SunnySide can provide synthesized vitamin D to the users without causing sunburn, aging, or any side effects.

Samsung Becon

Becon is another project going to reveal by Samsung. The idea of this device is to minimize hair losses. It is analyses the scalp of the users and detects the conditions that are responsible for hair losses. Approx 95% of people facing hair problems and baldness. This device will be beneficial in the medical industry.

Samsung Hyler

Hyler is an AI-based application is a highlighter that highlights texts on physical paper and converts into digital documents. A person can scan physically printed texts by his/her mobile camera, and that converts into digital texts is available to edit or share. There have already available applications that can perform this task, and even google lens has a similar scannable feature.

Samsung Ultra V

Samsung is also going to reveal an ultraviolet ray (UV) monitoring sensor named Ultra V. The censor can embed inside Wearables and allow the user to monitor the levels of harmful ultraviolet rays while exposing towards the sun outside.

The vice president Inkuk Hahn said, “We will actively support C-Lab to create products that reflect the latest market trends and customer demands and will showcase outstanding projects and startups of C-Lab in various global exhibitions.” He is head of the Samsung Electronics’s creativity & innovation center

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