SEO Worst Practices | Avoid 5 SEO Mistakes

SEO Worst Practices | Avoid 5 SEO Mistakes

SEO Worst Practices should be known to make your blog successful. If you are new to the blogging industry, you will go for writing SEO friendly content on your website. Then you should avoid some steps which some newbies take at the beginning of their blogging career.

There are some actions most newbie SEOs take, thinking it would benefit their SEO, but actually won’t.

Because search engines are smart, they’d easily detect whenever you try to play tricks on them. Here are the top SEO mistakes newbies make, which makes SEO efforts useless.

SEO Mistakes List:

  1. Keyword stuffing. This is the excessive addition of keywords to a page with the intention of rank manipulation. Some time ago, keyword density was a top-ranking factor, and your rankings could be improved when you add more keywords to a page.
    However, SEO has changed drastically since then. Today, keyword stuffing won’t be only easily detected by search engines but will be de-ranked with immediate effect.
  2. Hiding text to users and displaying to crawlers. This is another tactic used by black hat SEOs. Using some code, text can be hidden away from regular users but shown to search crawlers for undue advantage.
    You can avoid this for all the time as search engines will de-rank any site implementing this tactic, once discovered.
  3. Buying links. Building links is hard, but it could get easier if some cash is involved. If I’m to offer you a hundred dollars to link to my site, would you?
    However, buying links is associated with many risks as Google may not count the link if a massive number of links are coming from a particular source. Be smart while buying links to achieve maximum effect
  4. Plagiarism. It is merely copying content directly from another site. If you’re to rank on any search engine, plagiarism is a no-no.
    When you plagiarise, you’re essentially competing with the source of the article (stealing). And one site thing is: “ITNEVERWORKS”!!!
  5. No-mobile. Is your website very slow on mobile, or you have no mobile version at all?
    Sad to tell you that your SEO results are wasting away as Google declared they’d stop using a desktop version of websites for crawling and ranking.
    You can check if your website is mobile compatible using the Google mobile compatibility test.

Final Words on SEO Worst Practices

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is not just a technique; it’s more than that. SEO is like an art. An SEO content writer or an SEO optimizer is like an artist. They analyze every aspect to boost the content. You can see detailed instructions to know more about SEO. Make sure you should know all the SEO worst practices not to use them in your blog.

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