When are Quantum Computers Coming
When are Quantum Computers Coming

When are Quantum Computers Coming

You all might hear about quantum computers for a long time, but what is it and when are quantum computers coming. Is there have any fix date or even any fixed year when the commercial quantum computer will come out that we can use at our home. Let us discover what global leader saying about it.

Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer is a revolution in the computer world where a classical computer takes 10,000 years to do a task a quantum computer can do the same job within 200 seconds as described by Google. But how is it work? The classical computer uses bits to calculate like 0 and 1. But, quantum computers use qubit where it can stands anywhere in between 0 and 1 as example traditional computer is like black and white where have only two possibilities, and the quantum computer is like grayscale where have infinite possibilities.


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IBM Quantum Computer

IBM is working on this technology for a long time. They have announced at CES 2020 about their update on 28 qubit computers and also have made a previously 53 qubit computer a few months ago. Only for complex calculations and cryptography quantum computers are used.

Google Quantum Computer

Like IBM, Google is also working on quantum computing technology for a long time. And recently, a few months ago, Google has published a research paper on Nature that they have achieved Quantum Supremacy. Google has completed a task in 200 seconds by their quantum computer that a classical computer will take 10,000 years that I have told early in this article. Google also has a 53 qubit computer, but the computational power differs from IBM computers. IBM claims that google’s quantum supremacy is a skepticism.

When are Quantum Computers Coming

It is true that Google and IBM have successfully developed Quantum Computer, but none of them are commercialized means not available to use for general purpose or public use. Then the question remains the same when are quantum computers coming. Well, there is no clue for the quantum computer release for commercial purposes, but IBM has provided Quantum Computer for commercial use by remote control. Yes, you can now test the technology from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop from home. Click this link to visit IBM Quantum Computing.

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